November 6, 2010

The Buko is Not Quite a Buko

So my first ever conceived softie is a buko.  Or a young/tender green coconut you cut open, stick a straw through the hole and drink.  So far I have my paper mock up, pattern pieces and fabric that looks way too light for buko.  I’m contemplating looking for a darker green or just going with the lighter one. Bleh.
Now the question is, if I get new fabric should it be solid or a patterned green?  And I still haven’t figured out how to do the straw.

November 3, 2010

Yet again…

I have bought two more craft books :p
In another update, I wanted to crochet something in my かわいいレース編み (Let’s Knit series はじめてかんたんできちゃった!) book.  I was thinking either a cup/glass/mug cover or a cozy for my Japanese tea mug.  I have some garish orange yarn previously purchased at what was formerly a San Diego Daiso, but I didn’t have any hooks so I had to go out and buy my teeny tiny hooks.  For some reason the JoAnn’s near me don’t carry hooks small hooks.  They did have a .90mm one that I bought (!!!)  I was thinking I could try to finish up a tablecloth into my dotage and ultimately die by stabbing my eyes with it and bleeding to death.
I ended up buying two hooks at what was formerly a San Diego Daiso and two at my LYS.
and completely unrelated, but kinda not, are these things that I found hanging around my room.
IMG_0660           IMG_0670