May 18, 2014

New Project or New Project

So I have new two new procts floating around my head, but I’m not sure which to do first. I’m thinking about either doing the capelet from my last post or doing a little cellphone mini clutch, like my mothers, for myself.

So this is my Lion Brand Amazing yarn in Arcadia.


And the second option is a mini clutch with either lace stitches all over (haven’t decided what kind) or crocodile stitch, which seems like something really fun to do. I thought I’d use some of the Cotton Lace Yarn I had bought at Daiso a couple years ago. Either that or my pink Turkish crochet thread.


Hmm, decisions, decisions…

May 14, 2014

Mom’s Mother’s Day Mini Clutch

So, strapped for cash as I am I wasn’t sure what to get for my mom on Mother’s Day (Raverly link). She had been complaining about being afraid she’d get scratches on her new phone and I decided to make her a little pouch for it.

My mom is one of those technologically challenged people so I didn’t have a problem picking out the right fiber to make her pouch with. It’s a flip phone so I didn’t have to worry about scratching the screen or anything, just something simple to slip it into.

I had a small skein of Naturally Caron Country in Deep Taupe and thought that would be enough for a small pouch. All I did was a rectangle big enough to fit the shape of the phone, added a row of picot stitch, another rectangle a couple rows bigger then the first, another row of picot, and another rectangle smaller then the last adding in two buttonholes, and lastly a finishing row of shell stitches.

I totally forgot to block till the last moment so I ended up finishing on Mother’s Day. After that I sewed up one of the sides with the excess tails and was off onto the second part.

I wanted to line it with something softer then the yarn so I added a cotton lining with a large pocket. On one side of the pocked I thought I’d add two slots for cards (credit card, loyalty card, etc) since I had extra fabric left over, alas it was not enough. The two card pockets JUST barely hold the cards in. Next time I do something like this I think I’ll plan everything out more carefully, haha.

Honestly the lining was the most time consuming, it’s the first time I lined anything, AND the first time I made anything resembling pockets so there you go. It came out kind of wonky, but mom seemed happy, and she hates everything. I say, mission accomplished, I might even make one for myself!

I’ve been trying to figure out what to make with the yarn I got for Christmas a couple years ago and I think I’ll make a capelet with the Lion Brand Amazing. Thankfully I also remembered I own a copy of Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet The Happy Hooker, which has what seems like a perfect pattern (Cold Shoulders p. 110) :D yay.

Picture from the actual book.

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January 23, 2013

Prizes from The Wool Lady!

So I mentioned in my last blog post that I won some stuff from Ruth Molina The Wool Lady.  I was actually really excited when I got the call because even though I was aware of her for year (first thing I did was Google local LYS’), I hadn’t actually set some time aside to visit.  It’s a little shop but oh-so-cute and filled with her lush hand dyes.

I really like the area too, Old Town Temecula is about six blocks and it’s filled with old historic buildings.  The Wool Lady is located near the end of Old Town if you’re heading towered Pechanga.  Like I said in the last blog, Old Town is full of little shops and eateries so it’s a nice little place to spend the afternoon.  If you go on Saturday morning the Temecula farmers market takes place there, which I haven’t been to yet :/

Anyway~ here’s my prize!

The Wool Lady Surprise

January 19, 2013

Yarn, Yarn, and also Yarn

New yarns :D I have them!

So for today, I’ll add the Christmas gifts I got from my brother :D


I got yarns 8D three of them, or rather two types of yarns.

January 16, 2013

Made Some Salve! … last month…

So I waited until after Christmas to make this post, only I kept forgetting/procrastinating about making it.  As with the last post, I kind of messed up my salve, but I was hoping adding more oil would have fixed things.  I still kind of think a little more oil would have helped though.

2012-12-18 salve

Everything went pretty smoothly besides the adding of too much beeswax. OTL  And it was kind of fun to make as involved as it was.  Fun enough where I’ll probably make some again in the future :D

This isn’t the end result photo, it’s the salve before I added the olive oil because I was too lazy to retake the end result photo lol.  At the end of the day though, I think it needed a tad bit more oil since when I use the salve it seems to dry on my hand quickly.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s absorbing too quickly (obsessive hand washer = dry skin) or because of the beeswax making it feel too chalky afterward.  I have noticed it makes my skin softer though, despite the dry feel, so that’s a plus lol.  Still more tweaking next time \o/

Mom has been complaining about lip balm, all the while looking at me in a hinting kind of way, so maybe I’ll make lip balm next, ha.