October 23, 2008

The cake!

So I had bought The Softies Kit softieskita little over a week ago at my local Jo Ann's store (yay for coupons) and decided to try out a softie. The kit came with 2 pieces of felt, a pink and a white, matching embroidery floss, an embroidery needle, patterns, an instruction booklet, and project cards. The first project you'll see when you open up the box is a simple pink Party Cake; the felt and floss are pink, so if you use that expensive education your parents have paid for you'll come to the realization that the Party Cake is your first project :3 (or was that just me?). Anyway, I opened up my box, took out all the felt pieces, embroidery floss, needle, and Party Cake pattern pieces and quickly got to work cutting the felt and separating the floss.


One of the things I had planned to do was changing the whipped cream and using a different technique that I found online, where you ask? I have no idea ._. I just remember it being in Japanese so I just saved the pictures and lost the address ^^; The pictures didn't show anything about stuffing it, but it was looking kind of flat to me so I added some polyfill anyway, only it was making the flaps all fuzzy, and as we all know fuzzy whipped cream is either really old or you seriously need to take some cooking classes. Alas, I had to resort to gluing the flaps down with some fabric glue x_x I feel so much like a cheat now lol, a satisfied cheat, but a cheat nonetheless :D.


If you noticed that my cake looks a little different from the one on the project card you A. just read the sentence above the picture (yay!), B. didn't notice till I pointed it out (tsk tsk tsk), or C. noticed the little bead thingies on top of the cake (how observant you are \o/).

Well, when I was getting ready to sew the whipped cream to the top of the cake I realized that I had no cute-little-red-mini-pompom (;_;) and I couldn't just leave the cream all lonely on top so I decided to go back to the crafts store (on another day, since I'm lazy :3) and buy a little bag of cute-little-red-mini-pompoms just like what's on the project card. So I waited a week for my 40% off coupons to arrive in my e-mail, because I can never resist using those coupons, and headed back to Jo Ann's for said cute pompoms. On the way to the craft section I passed the beads section and thought I could use those little seed beads for "sprinkles" on my cake, while looking around I decided to just use a larger glass bead instead of a cute pompom, after all I was armed with a coupon (yay coupons \o/) and using a 40% Off coupon on 99¢ PomPoms would push me over the edge from frugal shopper (D: sporadic frugality?) to penny pinching crazy lady, something I don't plan on being till I have some children I can embarrass :3.

And after sewing the top on and adding the beads I finished my first ever softie (yay me! \o/). Now what to do with it? XD I think I'll send it to a friend :3

Also, sorry about the dim pictures, I was planning on having a cute little vignette type photograph, having a tea set with the cup and saucer as well as the sugar bowl and creamer. By the time I was ready to photograph the sun was on its way down and I couldn't find any of my cups and saucers (lost in the abyss that is the garage), so I just went ahead and took the photographs, ah well. I did get to use one of my moms saucers :D the rest of the set is somewhere in the garage though lol.

October 15, 2008

New and new... and not that new!

XD I changed the name to my craft blog lol why? I don't know \o/ and the new name is craftychango.blogspot.com :3 because I'm a crafty monkey? o_o

I bought new yarn too, 1 skein of three colors

Country... 75% microfiber and 25% merino wool = teh softness

Spy... 75% microfiber and 25% bamboo = teh interesting

The background fabric (a.k.a. the comfy reading chair) is super distracting but I'm a lazy bitch :3 I'm thinking of making fingerless gloves/gauntlets but I'm not sure which one I want to use the wool or the bamboo. It doesn't get too hot here so I was thinking the bamboo, but I love the orange-red yarn XD hmm decisions, decisions.

Both yarns are naturallycaron.com

I also couldn't resist buying some cute fabric that I have no idea what to do with \o/


hrmm, what can I make? The one one the right reminds me of old curtains :D I have weird taste \o/

And while were on the subject of fabrics...




D: I thought it was cute because it has little squirrels (foxes? forrels? squoxes?) on it :3 and yes I have the mental age of a 4 year old....

October 11, 2008

Work in Progress

So I started another hat a while back :3 I got the pattern from creativeyarn so cute~ And a lot of her other stuff is nice, the cowl neck capelet is on my to-do-NOW list.
I of course have to modify things a bit, considering my head size, and the shear amount of hair I have (I swear its about the size of my entire head right now x_x). I'm making it bigger my using a larger weight yarn and a larger hook, that seems to work for me, in fact while I'm working on it it kind of looks a little larger then it should be >_> if that's the case I'll just make it an oversized beret ^^;;
inc2 inc3
Pretty color yarn~ It's Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Rose Heather. Easy yarn to considering this is my second hat and I have to modify hat patterns, its 80% Acrylic and 20% wool. I had the hat partway done when I saw Lei last month, only I had to unravel everything since I had started with one hook and then at some point I switched hooks. Why you ask? The hell if I know @_@ I just noticed it was looking a little too huge and I knew my head wasn't THAT big. So I had to unravel and start all over XD
On a side note, nice fabric? I guess you can call it vintage :D it has that 70's look to it keke. It's actually the underside of my baby blanket my godmother made me when I was born. My mom hid it away so I wouldn't become overly attached to it and make it threadbare lol, so now I use it as a throw.

October 10, 2008

The Background

Since I already have a WordPress
blog I decided to use this one as a crafty blog, and the WordPress one as a personal blog.
Lately I've been really into making crochet items, and since I just started sewing I've been looking at things to sew XD A several weeks ago I decided to make a hat from a pattern I found on craftypants' blog site. Since this would be my first hat I decided to use some extra acrylic I had lying around, if the hat came out really bad, its just acrylic. I did make a couple modifications though, since I have REALLY thick unruly hair and a big head (o_o) I had to enlarge the pattern a bit, I also added three rows of basket weave stitch (front post back post).
This is what I ended up with :3
Yesterday I just received my invitation to Ravelry, which I was really excited about. I didn't realize they had like an organization area for your account with a database of patterns, which is great for me since I had pdf and notepad files scattered throughout a couple CD's and over my hard drive, now all my patterns are in one place <3 They also have a current projects area where you can post what project you're doing and how far along you are, which would come in handy when you get stuck at a certain point and aren't sure what to do. And the patterns are awesome, I found a couple that are already on my to do list and some new ones that made the list longer then it already is.
One of my favorite categories is the naughty one XD mainly because the typical picture you get of a crafter is like granny types. Then people realize there are patterns for anatomically correct genitalia, unconventional cozies (for... yeah), and amigurumi sex toys with faces and all. Which reminded me of the uterus plushies on etsy.com, I actually thought the idea for the healing uterus might be something lighthearted to give to someone (with a twisted sense of humor) who had/has a gynecologic cancer like ovarian or cervical cancer, it even comes with its own band-aid :D the idea for the happy uterus is kind of weird though o_o I'm not really sure I'd have wanted one of those when I was younger.

The things I Like

This post is actually from a post on my WordPress blog that I decided to repost here ^_^
I'm on a total plushie binge right now :3 sewingstars' makes the CUTEST things! I LOVE her crying eggboy and some of her newer stuff are the pumpkins to celebrate Halloween I guess.
One of my other fave softie makers is ElizabethD from Gourmet Amigurumi. She has a book out if anyone is interested. She insane with attention to detail. You can pretty much figure out her aesthetic since everything she does is really distinctive. I'd have to say the eyes are signature though, lots of detail around the eyes that just makes it pop. The fawn at the bottom is patterned in her book, only its just all brown, cute no?
And as long as were talking about plushies, combining food and craft just seems genius to me :D although that might just be because I'm super hungry right now and lack fiber in my diet... Here's some food related softies, starting from the left, some spoiled boneless chicken by Robyn D: poor thing is totally aware of his demise, next is some dim sum by .lani, and because I love anything having to do with Mexican folk art I added the Small Cat Club's softies of calaveras de dulces D: haven't had one of those since I was like 8 x_x
Of course the classic plushie is from an animal, though an octopus isn't really the normal creation :D
This one's another creation of the Small Cat Club's and its been painted. I love her expression and the two front teeth just makes it super cute D:
DeviantArt is also a nice place to see plushies~ (I'm starting to sound really obbossesd ._.) anyway, I like this one of matches
Summary of Life by ~FrealaF on deviantART makes you kinda look at matches in a new light XD
And last but not least there's a fiber artist named Patricia Waller. XD I like, but then again I have a bit of a sick sense of humor.
A crochet collection of S+M gear lol