October 15, 2008

New and new... and not that new!

XD I changed the name to my craft blog lol why? I don't know \o/ and the new name is craftychango.blogspot.com :3 because I'm a crafty monkey? o_o

I bought new yarn too, 1 skein of three colors

Country... 75% microfiber and 25% merino wool = teh softness

Spy... 75% microfiber and 25% bamboo = teh interesting

The background fabric (a.k.a. the comfy reading chair) is super distracting but I'm a lazy bitch :3 I'm thinking of making fingerless gloves/gauntlets but I'm not sure which one I want to use the wool or the bamboo. It doesn't get too hot here so I was thinking the bamboo, but I love the orange-red yarn XD hmm decisions, decisions.

Both yarns are naturallycaron.com

I also couldn't resist buying some cute fabric that I have no idea what to do with \o/


hrmm, what can I make? The one one the right reminds me of old curtains :D I have weird taste \o/

And while were on the subject of fabrics...




D: I thought it was cute because it has little squirrels (foxes? forrels? squoxes?) on it :3 and yes I have the mental age of a 4 year old....

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