October 11, 2008

Work in Progress

So I started another hat a while back :3 I got the pattern from creativeyarn so cute~ And a lot of her other stuff is nice, the cowl neck capelet is on my to-do-NOW list.
I of course have to modify things a bit, considering my head size, and the shear amount of hair I have (I swear its about the size of my entire head right now x_x). I'm making it bigger my using a larger weight yarn and a larger hook, that seems to work for me, in fact while I'm working on it it kind of looks a little larger then it should be >_> if that's the case I'll just make it an oversized beret ^^;;
inc2 inc3
Pretty color yarn~ It's Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Rose Heather. Easy yarn to considering this is my second hat and I have to modify hat patterns, its 80% Acrylic and 20% wool. I had the hat partway done when I saw Lei last month, only I had to unravel everything since I had started with one hook and then at some point I switched hooks. Why you ask? The hell if I know @_@ I just noticed it was looking a little too huge and I knew my head wasn't THAT big. So I had to unravel and start all over XD
On a side note, nice fabric? I guess you can call it vintage :D it has that 70's look to it keke. It's actually the underside of my baby blanket my godmother made me when I was born. My mom hid it away so I wouldn't become overly attached to it and make it threadbare lol, so now I use it as a throw.

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