October 10, 2008

The things I Like

This post is actually from a post on my WordPress blog that I decided to repost here ^_^
I'm on a total plushie binge right now :3 sewingstars' makes the CUTEST things! I LOVE her crying eggboy and some of her newer stuff are the pumpkins to celebrate Halloween I guess.
One of my other fave softie makers is ElizabethD from Gourmet Amigurumi. She has a book out if anyone is interested. She insane with attention to detail. You can pretty much figure out her aesthetic since everything she does is really distinctive. I'd have to say the eyes are signature though, lots of detail around the eyes that just makes it pop. The fawn at the bottom is patterned in her book, only its just all brown, cute no?
And as long as were talking about plushies, combining food and craft just seems genius to me :D although that might just be because I'm super hungry right now and lack fiber in my diet... Here's some food related softies, starting from the left, some spoiled boneless chicken by Robyn D: poor thing is totally aware of his demise, next is some dim sum by .lani, and because I love anything having to do with Mexican folk art I added the Small Cat Club's softies of calaveras de dulces D: haven't had one of those since I was like 8 x_x
Of course the classic plushie is from an animal, though an octopus isn't really the normal creation :D
This one's another creation of the Small Cat Club's and its been painted. I love her expression and the two front teeth just makes it super cute D:
DeviantArt is also a nice place to see plushies~ (I'm starting to sound really obbossesd ._.) anyway, I like this one of matches
Summary of Life by ~FrealaF on deviantART makes you kinda look at matches in a new light XD
And last but not least there's a fiber artist named Patricia Waller. XD I like, but then again I have a bit of a sick sense of humor.
A crochet collection of S+M gear lol

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