January 23, 2013

Prizes from The Wool Lady!

So I mentioned in my last blog post that I won some stuff from Ruth Molina The Wool Lady.  I was actually really excited when I got the call because even though I was aware of her for year (first thing I did was Google local LYS’), I hadn’t actually set some time aside to visit.  It’s a little shop but oh-so-cute and filled with her lush hand dyes.

I really like the area too, Old Town Temecula is about six blocks and it’s filled with old historic buildings.  The Wool Lady is located near the end of Old Town if you’re heading towered Pechanga.  Like I said in the last blog, Old Town is full of little shops and eateries so it’s a nice little place to spend the afternoon.  If you go on Saturday morning the Temecula farmers market takes place there, which I haven’t been to yet :/

Anyway~ here’s my prize!

The Wool Lady Surprise

Since it was a recycled bag (I think) sweepstake I got a cute little tote for all my yarny goodness, or maybe a tote to bring along when I do eventually go to the Farmers Market.  As you can see in the above picture the tote has the store name, address, number, and website.

Normally I don’t like anything with logos, names, etc on them (like Nike or whatever) because I figured “If I’m going to give the company free advertisement you should pay me to wear it, not me buying it from you”.  But in this case it’s free and it’s supporting and advertising a small local business in an industry that is niche, so needs support any how.  Because of all this I’m happy to use this tote whenever I possibly can :D I do like the rustic look to it anyway~

Other then the tote and mystery box (which I’ll get to later) she also let me pick out a color from one yarn sections, which I think she hand dyed, not sure though.


Yarn Name:  I’ve Got Nothing Witty to Make Up… xD since it’s nameless lol

Fiber:  Recycle sari silk!

Weight and Yardage:  varies from DK to Bulky; estimated at 22.38 yards and it’s 3.7 ounces

Because it’s relatively short in yardage the hook and needle size (especially because it’s a fairly nubby yarn) would be largely dependent on the pattern and since it’s short in yardage I’m probably not going to crochet it.  As far as patterns go… I have no idea what I’m going to do :D so that’ll be interesting.  Yardage and nubbyness do limit what I can make, but I think it’s so cool that it’s made from recycled sari silk fabric!

When I came to pick up my prize she let me pick out what I wanted from a basket she had stashed away behind the counter.  Some quilting notions, some embroidery thread, and some embroidery and needlepoint patterns.  She also had two mystery boxes.  I was wavering between some of the pretty embroidery threads and one of the mystery boxes but ultimately my natural curiosity got the better of me and I picked out one of the mystery boxes.


Opened it up and it was still a mystery… wonder what it can be?

Mystery Box 2

MORE YARN!  That red thread on the left was just what the box was tied up with.  I did mentioned I am very curious right?  I ended up opening the box during the drive home xD


Yarn Name:  Summerspun by Rowan

Colorway:  121 Blackfriars; shades of gray (no, just no.) in different hues, me likey

Fiber:  50% Cotton 50% Wool

Weight and Yardage:  DK 50 grams and around 131 yards

Recommended Hook Size:  G (4mm) – H (5mm)

Recommended Needle Size:  6 (4mm) – 8 (5mm)

Proposed Patterns:  Lop Headband by Cirilia Rose, Fable Fingerless Mitts by Sian Parker, A Cap for Nessa's Mother by Lisa R. Myers I especially like bunnyfong’s project because  CUTE EARS!!!, or Summer Belt by Andi Satterlund.

I really like this yarn, I’m a sucker for natural hues and to top that off it feels like a cloud.  Only I’ve refused to buy anymore yarn till I get rid of some of my older stash.  Not that I have a large collection or anything, I just don’t want it cluttering up my room :/

As much as I like Summerspun (all of the colorways!) I’m avoiding buying new balls to do a really nice pattern and I’ve opted to doing a pattern that can use up just my one lonely ball :’o  On the one hand I’ve limited my pattern choice, and on the other, I’m not even sure the dye lot is still around, haha.

So that’s it for my prize haul.  My crafty to do is to finish up my Neverending Godmothers Shawl which I’m making good progress (almost finished! 8D).  I’m not sure I’m going to jump right into anything using up my new yarns, I might just buy more Amazing, but still save it.  Other then that… MY KROMSKI NOSTEPINNE ARRIVED!!!! more on that another day \o/.

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