January 16, 2013

Made Some Salve! … last month…

So I waited until after Christmas to make this post, only I kept forgetting/procrastinating about making it.  As with the last post, I kind of messed up my salve, but I was hoping adding more oil would have fixed things.  I still kind of think a little more oil would have helped though.

2012-12-18 salve

Everything went pretty smoothly besides the adding of too much beeswax. OTL  And it was kind of fun to make as involved as it was.  Fun enough where I’ll probably make some again in the future :D

This isn’t the end result photo, it’s the salve before I added the olive oil because I was too lazy to retake the end result photo lol.  At the end of the day though, I think it needed a tad bit more oil since when I use the salve it seems to dry on my hand quickly.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s absorbing too quickly (obsessive hand washer = dry skin) or because of the beeswax making it feel too chalky afterward.  I have noticed it makes my skin softer though, despite the dry feel, so that’s a plus lol.  Still more tweaking next time \o/

Mom has been complaining about lip balm, all the while looking at me in a hinting kind of way, so maybe I’ll make lip balm next, ha.


  1. Salve... ;u;

    I actually prefer the dry feel types since it's so humid here. My lotion is water based~ x.x anything oilier and I get sticky!

    1. this ones oil based Dx I'm not sure how that's going to work out~

      I'm still looking for a courier for your's if the price is too high I'm going to try the normal post and hope nothing goes awry :o

    2. If it's too expensive, it's ok! You can... Er... Use my part? XD I'd usually say to send it to my sis, but she's in Taiwan! :<

    3. I MEAN! I really want your salve, but I also know how expensive ahipping is, so... >A<;;;

    4. I'm gonna try xD and if I can't send it this time I'll just make up another batch when you come over to North America :D