December 18, 2012

Christmas presents mishap D:

So, this year I decided to make a homemade salve for my mother, I had a pound block of beeswax and I was wracking my mind on what to do with it, so light bulb moment~ SALVE!  I also had plans to send some to other family members and some friends if I had salve to spare, so I was really excited to make something like this for this years Christmas.
I started out pretty good last night, prepped everything, sieved my oil (came out a pretty light gold color), chopped up my beeswax, boiled my water, melted the wax, mixed in the oil, and et voila, I ruined my salve 8D  Okay, not exactly ruined, I just added in too much beeswax and either too much or too little essential oil.

The oil to beeswax ratio should be 4:1 but since I didn’t have a kitchen weight available and since I chopped up my beeswax from a larger peace, I had to eyeball the amount.  At first it was fine, but when I was melting it I panicked a bit and added more beeswax.  The end result came out fine on first sight of it (after it solidified) but I kept a test jar, just to… err… test.  It should have been solid enough to resist an initial poking but it turned out slightly harder then a beeswax candle is.
When I was adding the essential oil I use a muscle mix of Eucalyptus, Orange, Rosemary, and Peppermint; I also added some Lavender essential oil.  The problem with this is I forgot what the ratio for that should be, I only added a little (too little apparently) muscle blend and a bit more of the Lavender.  When everything solidified I figured I probably didn’t add enough :/
The biggest problem I have right now is the hardness… So I’ve decided to re melt everything and add in some olive oil to balance everything out~  Also adding a bit more essential oil :D  I’m going to keep everything a while after that too test and then I’ll be able to mail everything out, hopefully lol.

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