October 23, 2010

Been a While

So yeah, I haven’t exactly been keeping up with my updates /understatement.  I’ve been busy getting my life in to order, and thankfully that I’ve been able to incorporate crafting into it :D

One of the things that happened is the hiatus (yet again) of my Godmother Shawl I dropped some stitches and had no idea how to pick them up.  To be specific they were “sl 1 k2tog psso” stitches and I figured it was a nice time to learn how to pick those up, just in case.  Turns out my lys person just fixed it for me while I wasn’t paying attention :/ lol.

Something else I’ve been doing, I’ve seemed to have acquired a collection of Japanese craft books and I have no idea if I’m even going to get around to doing anything in them.  Anyone who crochet’s seriously knows Japanese patterns are probably the most modern, cute, and wearable today patterns anywhere.  They also tend to be in the small hook sizes.  Unfortunately I’ve been mostly shopping at BookOFF and crochet patterns for clothes are rare, most of the ones I’ve found are dated :(

What I do have are miscellaneous crafty books and two books my brother brought over from Okinawa when he went to visit some friends.  I asked for an amigurumi book but he misunderstood and bought me a doily book and a felt gurumi’s.

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