January 1, 2011

Xmas Crafts Gifted, kinda…

So I didn’t exactly make a craft for Christmas (btw I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays o/), rather I had made some things for my mom that I gave her for Christmas.

First off here’s some house slippers, otherwise they look a lot like adult booties.


1. Mom House Shoes 002, 2. Mom House Shoes 003,

3. Mom House Shoes 001, 4. House Slippers WIP

Yarn Used: Lion Brand Lion Wool Solids in Cocoa & Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solids & Heathers in Rose Heather

Skeins: 1 of the Wool Solids and a little tiny bit of the the Wool-Ease Heather.

Pattern:  Mary Jane Slippers by Lisa Gutierrez over at goodknits.com

How Long Did it Take?:  A couple hours really, but I stretched it over about a month, cuz I’m lazy like that.

Thoughts:  This was a super easy pattern, nice and quick to make, I think I’ll probably make a pair for myself either in the rose with a cocoa accent or ones identical to my moms.  She ended up liking them a lot but has yet to wear them around the house :p  The only real problem I had was with the pattern when you do the top part of the heal, but after all its crochet and easy to improvise as you go.

I’ll post present numero dos tomorrow, maybe :D


  1. *o*;;; Those look comfy~ :3

    Although I doubt I can wear those on hard wood floor. ;_; I might slip! I'm guessing you guys have carpets? :3

    ...is that Azuzu modeling the slippers? xD

  2. we have carpet and tile, I think the wool would be okay on tile, but yeah D: probably too slippery on hard wood.

    and why yes, that is my foot you see xD