February 10, 2011

I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Umm, let me amend that, I’ve Got a Single Abnormal Buko, heh.  I suppose it was a much too ambitious plan for me to do for my own made up sewing project.  Way too many curves and way too many modifications :/  I hope when I get more proficient at sewing and can come back to this one and perfect it much more so I can at least not feel embarrassed to give one away :D lol.

1. Buko 1, 2. Buko 2, 3. Buko 3, 4. CAT!!

For one thing it’s as crooked and well it CROOKED Dx.  Maybe if I didn’t mess with the segments so much, I think it would have been much better to have gone with felt all the way but I wanted to try fabric, again, ambitious.  You can’t really tell on the pictures, but the crooked contributed to the lopsidedness.
I’ll try again when I get around to buying some felt :D

Cattens does not approve of this message D<


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  2. Finally commentable~ >3

    Like I said, I love the choice of green pattern to go with the Buko. The straw looks a little huge? Or maybe the buko is smaller than what I'm used to here. o_o;;; We have gigantic bukos~ \o/

  3. No its a little huge o_o lol I folded floral wire in half and used fuzzy yarn, in hindsight I should have cut it and used non fuzzy yarn.