February 7, 2011

Mom’s booties: update

So since my mother hasn’t been wearing her house shoes I decided to try them out.  I opted not to line them before I gave them to her because, judging by the scrap fabric I had on hand, I thought everything would be too bulky to line them.  I had already deviated and used a hook size too small since I had yarn too big and thought that would compensate, plus my mom has small feet.  But alas, it came out perfect, too perfect to line.

So back to me trying the booties on, we have tile downstairs, except for two rooms with carpet and the odd rug or two scattered around.  Whenever I walk on the tile it hurts the bottom of my feet.  Maybe because its the wool, or homespun, or Lion Brand, or even most likely the crochet structure, but it hurt my feet to wear.  If you can imagine walking on marbles, well it wasn’t that bad, more like marbles covered in wool (o_o sounds bad lol).  So lining it is!

Next project:  Bootie Lining 8D  Something thin enough so there’s no bulk, but cushiony enough to cushion (heh).  I’m not sure I have enough scraps around the house since I barely sew, but I’ll try different fabrics out till I can give them back to my mommy :)

BTW I don't mean to turn you off of the idea of using wool, there are a lot of different wool yarns out there and some are super soft and feel like butter :3  The yarn I'm using for my shawl is wool superwash and its super soft and doesn't scratch or itch at all and I have sensitive skin.  Although I supposed, depending on where you live, nice quality wool might be hard to come by...

::eta:: I had to clear up some confusingness on my post and add stuff I left out.


  1. Oh, ouch. o_o;;; I wouldn't think wool would hurt that much! I'll need to keep this in mind. >:

  2. whoops I forgot to add it only hurts when walking on tile and I think it might also be because of the structure of crochet, the little bumps are what's hurting.

  3. o_o I think I clicked the covet button by accident and now it looks like someones a masochist

  4. LMAO~~

    Uh... well, there is no way on this earth that I'll be able to use wool on this part of the globe anyway. xD It's hard enough for me to find good yarn for crochet, and I doubt woll even exists here. ;p