August 30, 2009

DIY Toys

I posted some toy stuff on my other blog an thought the DIY toys were craftacular (yes, I said craftacular…).  If you’ve never heard of them they’re toys that come blank, which allowed you to customize them in whichever way you want.  Two of the more famous DIY vinyl’s are Kidrobot’s Munny and Dunny.0805_munny2They usually come with an accessory, like an ax, banana, car, and just something that’s seemingly all around random, which makes it all the more fun to do something with.  They also come different sizes ranging from 4", around $7-$10 for blanks, and all the way up to 18’’, around $200 for blanks.  Of course when you buy custom ones by artists, and depending on the artist, you can buy some with prices going up to several thousand dollars.

At first you have these two figurines that are exactly the same, give them to two different artists and you get two things that look absolutely nothing alike.  It’s in essence just another canvas, although an oddly shaped one, and its fun to browse the Munny and Dunny galleries to see the things people come up with.  You can do anything you like with them, use markers, paints, chop something of, sew clothes, turn them on their side, cut them, whatever.  It’s pretty much what you see in your imagination goes, which is what makes these things so awesome.


If vinyl toys aren’t really your thing there's always the plush DIY’s like Shawnimals Plushform (around $20).  They’re pretty much a blank plush, um, thing :p.  Just like with its vinyl counterpart you can pretty much do anything you like with them.

There’s even a plush that looks remarkably like Ravelry’s very own Bob, too cute!  One of the more interesting ones I saw were the ones where people pretty much cut them open and patch them up to look like a big mouth or a gaping hole in their tummy, but maybe I’m just sick like that :D.


I think I might get the Plushform eventually since its closer to my comfort zone, not to mention being a little more to my budget with the perfect size.  I still want a vinyl DIY though, maybe someday, and when I’m more confident about my art skills.


  1. You know...

    I can see chibi potentials right there. ♥

  2. Maybe? xD I don't know, the possibilities are endless with those~ ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. did you check the gallery out? There's a Munny turned on its side and made into a bee :p