August 11, 2009

Started Knitting again :D

Soooo~ It’s been awhile o_o ahem…

KNITTING~ I haven’t knitted in almost two months TT__TT One of the reasons is because my fingerless gloves have been frogged so many times I just got tired of them. Buuuut~ after 2 months I decided I was finally going to finish them :p and I’m halfway done, I already got through with the right hand (minus the thumb gussets) and now I’m starting on the left. These I’m probably going to keep for myself (so selfish :D). They’re made from’s Country (Acrylic and Merino Blend) in Deep Taupe.


Yay :D first time doing cables~ I think they actually came out better then I was anticipating. I’m planning on making another pair of fingerless gloves for a friend in’s Spa (Acrylic and Bamboo blend) in Green Sheen :3 it has a nice soft green color.

On a side note~ I’ve been trying to wean myself off of shampoo’s with sulfate and conditioners with silicone since I heard its better for curly hairs. So far its working fine~ But since my hair is prone to dryness I’ve been trying to figure out how to retain nice defined curls without having to shell out money for anything expensive (yet :p I’m going to eventually buy a nice curl friendly conditioner). Sooo I’ve been looking at some of the recipes online, on both the Naturally Curly Crafters group on Ravelry and the site. I’ve just put on some warm honey and extra virgin olive oil and I’m waiting to see how its going to turn out :3 Also I feel like vomiting because I really hate the smell of honey x_x


  1. Ya know, I should get on with my gurumis too. But my fingers are in pain since I'm using the tiny lace crochet for tiny gurumis... x.x;;;

    And knitting... I never did learn how to knit. Ravelry has so many nice knit patterns. Huhuhu ;.;

  2. They have tutorials on youtube :3
    I'm pretty sure knitters outnumber the hookers on Rav >: and most of the knit patterns are eh kinda like more up-to-date or something...

    I still <3 crochet a little more though xD

  3. I like how crochet looks better than knits actually.

    gah, I have so many projects I wanna do and only have weekends to do them. ;_; I wish I was made of money.

  4. A lot of people bring their projects with them (including meh). So like if you're waiting for the bus, crochet, waiting in the doctors office, crochet, waiting for a waiter to bring you food, crochet (okay I don't really do that lol). But yeah >_> any spare time you have~ work on your project Dx

  5. But I'm embarrassed to crochet in public! >.<;;;