September 5, 2009

Evangeline Review

The Pattern:

Just in case you forgot, I used Evangeline (fingerless gloves) by designer Michelle Szeghalmi-Shirley.

I actually really liked the way this written.  Considering the fact that my knitting skills are near to none, that I’ve only been reading actual patterns since August of last year, and that these are my first freakin’ cables (yey!), these were pretty clear.  I do have to admit that if there were a mistake, I probably wouldn’t have caught it anyway :p.

The one thing I got kind of caught up in was the pages, I would have liked the cast-on instructions to be on page two, then the stitch instructions, but that’s about it.  It just got a little confusing for me when I had to look at the cable pattern after casting on, which I admittedly had to do a number of times with all the frogging I did on this project.

For someone well versed in reading patterns, and in knowing their own knitting, this pattern will be beyond easy.  For someone just starting out with cables, its a great pattern to learn how cables work out.

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The Yarn:

Again, just in case you weren’t paying attention I used Naturally Caron Country in Deep Taupe.

I love the color of this yarn, its a little weird, like its going through an identity crisis.  I actually first bought it to make fingerless gloves for a friend, she said she wanted something with green yarn.

When I bought it (@ JoAnn’s) I could have sworn it was a muted mossy green color, so I thought “Oooh, purty green for some gloves”, paid for it and took it out and they had a grayish color, at the time I thought it was just the light, so went on home with my yarn, looked at them again and thought it had a purplish color.

When I started knitting it I swore it had a mossy green color again, I worked my gloves for the next couple of weeks not really noticing the color, eventually I IM’ed my friend and by this point I forgot what color she wanted (okay, so it was more then a few weeks xD), she told me green.  I took another look at the yarn and I swear to the Almighty Bob it was a purple color!  Through the course of the day it turned from purple to gray to a green again, which put me in a moment of awe at the weirdness that is this yarn.

I’m pretty sure its the light that gives my yarn its identity crisis because the color changed throughout the day, and its gray in full sunlight.  But since it wasn’t green I was glad I had another ball of green in my basket =D, so the gloves I was making went from being for a friend to being for a Chango (that would be me o_o).

The actually knitting part was a bit of a trial.  It’s a splitty yarn and my repeated frogging’s didn’t seem to help matters.  There were a couple times when I caught the lower loop on the working needle by accident, which made my stitches unnecessarily tight, which made me tense, and I knit tighter when I’m tense, so yeah, hassle.

I really liked the yarn though, and maybe someone who knits at a looser tension will have a better time of it.  Would I knit with this yarn again?  Yes, but probably in a larger needle size, and I definitely want to try crocheting with it (I used my hook a lot, ribbit).

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