September 28, 2009

Plushies: The Cute

I hate marshmallows, but I adore plushies 8D  These are tasty plushies by an artist I found via Plush You!  You can find some of her other work on her Flickr photo stream, she goes by Scrumptious Delight.
I love the fact that they’re actually in a marshmallow bag, plus they’re just uber adorable!  The nutrition facts and ingredients in the back are such a plus too :D  I think each marshmallow comes with a little loop in the back so you can use them as cellphone charms or maybe hanging them on your rear window would be cute.
I actually hate candy corn as much as I hate marshmallow but I love snacking on pickles :D furry pickles though, I’m not sure I’d like so much lol.  The plush variety though, super cuteness in all their snarly glory.
If you think these are so cute you need to huggle one right now, you can order one of her creations at her Scrumptious Delight Etsy store.

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