September 18, 2009

Shawl Pattern

So I found the address and phone number of my Godmother from this post.  I was thinking of sending her something for Christmas and thought making something would be a perfect gift since she used to make me things.  Mom has been fishing for a shawl ever since I started picking up crochet again, and especially since I learned to knit, so I decided why not make two, one for her, one for Godmother.  I’m trying to look for something light enough for Hawaiian weather and substantial enough for visiting Kids and Grandkids.

I’m leaning a bit towered crochet shawls since the lace knit ones intimidate me a bit :p maybe if I had started a couple months ago I’d feel more secure.  And since I’m just starting now I thought it would be best to do my Godmother’s shawl first, and make a camera cozy for Mom, making her shawl either a late Christmas gift or saving till next year :3

I’ve go the patterns narrowed down to 12 (half crochet, half knit)


  1. Blue Curacao by Doris Chan – Mom, maybe Godmother
  2. Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl by Doris Chan -  Godmother
  3. Eva’s Shawl by milobo - Godmother
  4. Greengold by – has Mom all over it
  5. Long Open Shawl by Bernat Design Studio – Mom
  6. Mermaid Wings Shawl by Josette McWilliams – Godmother


  1. Falling Leaves Wrap by Dory Brown – Mom and Godmother
  2. Nuolitanssi by Elina Urmass - Mom and Godmother
  3. Leaf-Patterned Convertible Shawl by Jennifer Meyer – Mom
  4. Leaf Lace Stole by Cynthia Robinson – Mom, maybe Godmother
  5. Flying Geese Shawl by Betty Balcomb – Mom, maybe Godmother

I’ve just ordered Doris Chan’s Amazing Crochet Lace book on Amazon, mainly because of the two shawl pattern, but especially because of the skirt overlay one, being the selfish knitter that I am :D  It brought to mind Even Howard’s Jolly Rancher skirt overlay.

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