November 14, 2008

Because I'm Lazy :<

So I missed a couple of days in my NaBloPoMo quest, the first day I excuse myself because I made a post on my personal blog :p *points to post title* but yesterday I just wasn't feeling so well and totally forgot NaBloPoMo :/ ... and because I'm lazy.

So now onto some of my WIP's. For some reason I tend to start and finish crochet projects more easily. Maybe its because its what I started out with and what comes more naturally to me, but there you have it. It tends to be a lot easier with me to finish, even if its making me grow grumpy-angry-person-beware horns on my head I'm more inclined to finish it, no matter what. It might also be because if I'm having a problem with a pattern its easier for me to fix on the fly then with knitting, I have to think more when I knit and I don't think that's good for my brain :( poor brain. Plus in keeping with this posts theme, because I tend to be lazier with knitting then with crochet.

So its no surprise the that an easy project like the Cozy Doctor's Mask one from Pearl of Civilization is taking me forever and a day to make. It's not that I'm having any real problems with it, its just that I tend to be really lazy and neglectful with my knitting o_o;; I also modified it just a tweak, nothing big (because of my poor brain) just used a different yarn and needles so I had to adjust it since the gauge was off, I'm also doing it with moss stitch :3 because I thought it was prettier lol.

And tada~, will post photos once I start along with the project more. I decided not to use any of the three scarflette pattern I was going to use for my new project :D I'm such a flip flopper. I'm going with this one (ravelry). Only problem is I was too lazy to go back to Jo-Ann's or my LYS to get some size 8 circular needles so I just barely managed with 9" straight needles o_o and I do mean barely.

Why go through all the trouble you ask? Because I'm lazy... :<


  1. That neck warmer is great! I didn't think that a neck warmer would ever interest me, but I really like that one.

  2. :D I like the Victorian look to it :3 with the high collar. I was just looking for something smaller then a scarf because of the hot weather here, but this one caught my eye lol

  3. Too bad ravelry doesn't allow public viewing. :c

  4. its because they're still in beta stage :/ its free to sign up :3 they have a lot of beginner people too :D and there are forums and stuff for advice and stuff and stuff lol join~ join I seh XD

  5. Heh~ When I get my evul hooks of doom, I'll consider it. :D

  6. \o/ yey~ you can be obsessed just like me lol