November 3, 2008

Why God WHY!?! /melodrama

So I realized my head is abnormally big :D

Rather if you were able to felt my hair into a ball it would be equivalent to an adult sized head, with hair to spare (creepy visual o_o).

I ended up finishing the Hat Numero Two hat and realized how cute it was. So I decided to try it on only to come to terms with the fact that it doesn't fit my head ;_; More then that, it didn't even touch my head, the hat just kind of floated at the back of my head hanging onto my hair. It was literally something like 3 inches away form my scalp and sitting on top of nothing but crazy frizzy hair. Which made me sad ;_; (pity me) and made me realize I really needed to get a haircut :D, I'm thinking of going super super short again :3

So in the meantime, I adding another row of decreasing puffs and starting another project with some bulky yarn I have. I plan on either making some cute fingerless gloves or a scarflette, and I have to decide on knitting or crocheting.


  1. hmm..I felt but I've never tried felting hair before. lol!! You're too cute!!

  2. There was a lady on a show I was watching who spun some of her own hair into some yarn she was making lol Other then that I'm not even sure you can felt human hair :D That would be kinda creepy though.

  3. Aww, Azuzu~ I hope you can adjust it so you can wear it. ^^ Short hair ain't so bad either. :D

  4. i feel like my head is big too so i feel your pain! ;) (yes, that hat looks like it would be cute!)

  5. I had this pattern saved to do sometime in the near future. Alas my head is also quite large (even without all my hair). Ah well.

    If all else fails, maybe someone you know with a slightly smaller head would like it for Xmas?

  6. :D I finished it finally, will post, hopefully sometime today XD