November 12, 2008

Beware my pointy sticks!

So I had some yarn I wanted to use up and decided to make a scarflette (have I mentioned that yet?) and realized some of my needles disappeared in the move (I moved house about a year ago @_@). I was missing size 13 and 9 (US) straight needles which I never really noticed since I mostly crochet. And I remembered Clover supplies were on sale at Jo-Ann's (spree, YAY) so off I went. I decided to buy 7, 8, and 11 (US) straight needles as well as some 8 and 9 (US) DPN's, oh, also some cable needles, after that I had to leave the store as quickly as a could before I spent to much :D. I've come to realize I have to stay away from store's when they have sales lol, I end up spending WAY too much.

I was still missing the size 9 and 13 straights so I though it would be a good chance to check out the new Daily Fiber Yarn Company. I feel bad about not seeing it earlier, its such a nice store! I don't know the names of the two ladies that were there (should have asked huh?), but they were both very friendly and helpfull. I also had my slouchy hat on and compliments will go a long way with me lol, made me feel so proud about my first ever hat :D So I bought my size 9's but they were out of 13's and I decided to by some 13 circulars instead. I wanted to look around more but knew if I did I'd eventually end up spending too much, so I payd for the needles and went straight for the door. Poor me lol, but at least I can fill in more of my needle card :D lol

Now I just have to decide which project to start...

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