November 15, 2008

Ribbit...ribbit... *cry*

I have a problem with reading patterns when I'm not paying attention x_x why, oh, why do I knit when I'm preoccupied? I had to frog the rows I already finished because I miscounted my stitches >_> see, see, this is why crochet comes so much easier to me. It's easier for me to fix my mistakes in crochet then it is in knitting :/

Problems with worrying about the fires in SoCal + watching CNN + knitting a pattern I'm super unfamiliar with = OMG WHY!?! STUPID STITCHES!! *insert flailing arms attached to yarn and various curse words here*

... o_o now if you'll excuse me I'll be going back to work...


  1. o_o;;; I uh... lol'd... despite that sounding very mean. xD;;;


  2. UGH. I hate moments like that. Deep breath, cup of tea and restart. (I'd say g;ass of wine, but that's probably dangerous!)

  3. :D cup of tea, some menudo, silly TV shows, and play time with the cat helped XD

  4. I'm glad you recovered. I HATE that kind of thing. I love to crochet while I'm doing other things, but it does lead to "what idiot made THIS mess?" moments. :)

  5. Yes! XD one of the reasons why I should never multi-task, except when I'm working on something really simple.