November 9, 2008

FO to you too o_o;

So I finally finished my creativeyarn puff hat :3

It took me a while but Tada~ I'm still not %100 sure about how it would fit on my head but. I still need to get a hair cut, my hair is just too afro like for test fitting right now XD But I'm happy I'm done~ all those puff stitches ate up the yarn lol so it was super annoying to unravel, redo, check, unravel, redo... well you get the idea... So now I just need to carve out some time to get a haircut, I really want to see how it looks on :D

Onto other news, I decided to add an old scarf I made when I first started knitting. Well not exactly old since I only learned around 4 years ago, but seems so long ago~ All done with one skein, long, and garter stitch, so knitting 101. I'm also adding some photos of the Doctors Mask I've been knitting off and on since like August. I'm using some soft baby acrylic yarn, soft enough to not irritate my face, but acrylic for heavy washing. Why am I making a doctors mask you ask? I have no idea, hooray! I just kind of felt like it lol. Instead of the stockinette stitch I'm using moss stitch, just because I thought it looked nice, and just wanted to try moss stitch.

And onward to another project :D I have some bulky yarn that I had no idea what to do with, so I was thinking of a scarflette, one of these (warning, ravelry requires username/password) uno, dos, or tres.


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