November 11, 2008

The Softies Review

The Softies Kit and Book by Theresa Laskey

First off what's the diff? Both have some of the same projects, both have instructions on individual projects, both have basic embroidery how-to's and both come with patterns, but that's about it.

There are 25 projects in the book and 15 projects in the kit, only 5 are the same in both. Two of the projects they have in common are Treeling and the Cake. One of the cutest softies in the kit is the Hambone, and one of the cutest in the book is the Ms. Tea Bag.

Biggest difference between the two is that the kit is a... kit o_o; Meaning it already comes with embroidery floss, needle, and felt to make your first ever softie :D, the pattern cards are nice and handy for the on the go projects, and everything fits in a nice box. The book, on the other hand, has 10 more patterns then the kit, 20 of which aren't seen in the kit. They have a lot of super cute ones like the Lonely Dollop (buy it and find out XD) and the trio of teeth (sweet, crowned, and cavity). The photos in both are great, making you totally prepared to potentially come across three softies in your dentist office or spot a furry softie floating by under a cluster of balloons.

I found the directions to be very straight forward and easy to understand. The patterns are all labeled clearly and are a no brainier to figure out. The only problem I really had was with the kit, I would of liked to have the kit be about a project other then one that's already in the book, but that's just a personal thing.

If you've never made a softie and are looking for something to start you off with the kit might be the thing for you, if you're looking for some inspiration and lots of ideas the book might be ideal. Then if you've become totally obsessed like me, just buy both :D The extra pattern cards make a perfect means to spread your crafty/softie obsession to friends.

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